Lockdown your network

It's not just old fashioned viruses and seedy web sites that can compromise your business anymore: Ad networks are being targeted on mainstream news sites, ransomware is blackmailing people and businesses everywhere, and retailers everywhere are being hacked, exposing payroll and credit card information.

We understand that there is a constant tug-of-war between security and usability; people need to get their jobs done. Instead of ham-fistedly implementing a checklist that keeps anyone from working, we will work with you to decide on a minimum level of risk and do all of the heavy lifting.

For some, it may be as simple as switching to Chrome with uBlock Origin to eliminate many threats; for others, a full set of IE, Java, and Windows policies may need to be put in place, centrally managed and customized to the client's needs. This is just one example of the care we put into your business continuity.

Get alerted to infiltration

The possibility that you might have already been hacked shouldn't wake you up at night. We scour the logs, install tripwires, and look deep inside the registry to root out any sign that a system has been exploited. Any intrusion will be spotted, and if you're clean, then you can rest easy with our security hardening.

Penetration testing

With the aid of the popular and well-regarded Metasploit package, we can attempt to hack into your network to find the weakest links, and report back on the best way to secure your business from the possibility of future hacks.