Top Antivirus -- without the slowdown

Bitdefender has been one of the most stellar successes of the new millennium, a best-of-breed new security suite. It is unrivaled in speed and precision, with one of the highest detection rates in the industry yet the lowest false positive rate. PC Magazine rates it the best antivirus of 2016.

Bitdefender scales to fit the needs of its users, from a basic free version to a Total Security with additional Android protection, up to the centralized GravityZone Security for businesses of all sizes.


Ransomware protection

Ransomware, also known as locker programs, are one of the top scourges facing computer users today. Everyone from home users to large hospitals have been forced to pay hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars to get their business back, or suffer prolonged downtime restoring and recreating their servers.

Bitdefender has created a novel solution. It spots the patterns of communication and malicious activity that certain strains of Ransomware use, and completely shuts them down, keeping you safer. Still, there are too many variants out there to defend against in total, so it's critical to keep a backup, such as BackBlaze cloud backup, as well.

As a gesture to its free users, Bitdefender also makes a separate free version available, which needs no configuration, it works as soon as installed.

For a full overview of why Bitdefender may be right for you, check out their datasheet.